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Watford City Airport Unveils New Terminal


On a given day, Watford City Municipal Airport could have any variety of aircraft visiting its terminal. “It’s a busy little airport,” said airport manager Luke Taylor, from crop dusters to pipeline patrol to flight instruction. Last month during Watford City’s Homefest, the airport unveiled its newest addition, the $1.1 million James L. Taylor Terminal, replacing the one-restroom trailer that previously sat along the tarmac....Read More >>>

Flight Path: Watford City Municipal Airport Builds for the Future


In the past 10 years, Watford City has pushed the boundaries of its small borders in almost every way imaginable. The unprecedented population boom that came barreling down country roads and highways due to new technology and high oil prices has changed the look of the town and pressed community members and business owners not only to evaluate the future, but to envision it and make plans...Read More >>>

Detailed Airport Runway Expansion Plan


Watford City Municipal Airport is located in McKenzie County in the northwestern part of North Dakota. The region has experienced

substantial growth and impacts from oil development in western North Dakota and the airport serves as a general aviation hub

for the Bakken Oilfield. Increased activity by larger, more demanding aircraft has created operational challenges for the Watford

City Municipal Airport. Multi-year planning studies, including an alternative airport site study, identified issues and constraints to

current airport operations. The studies found...Read More >>>

Airport to Undergo $2 Million Expansion


Watford City’s Airport has received a $2 million grant from the Board of University and School Lands (Land Board) to help fund a new airport terminal, as well as apron and parking lot expansions.The award to Watford City was part of nearly $9 million in grants that were approved by the Land Board to help fund airport improvement projects in North Dakota’s oil and gas counties. According to Tim Taylor, chairman of the Watford City Airport Authority, the improvements are needed to meet the growing use at the local airport...Read More >>>

Airport to get $3.5 Million Facelift


McKenzie County roads and highways are not the only local infrastructure experiencing an influx in traffic due to an increase in oil activity. The local air traffic has also seen an upsurge.The Watford City Municipal Airport is reportedly receiving more flights than in past years. According to Tim Taylor, chairman of the airport board, a long-term plan has been created to update and expand the airport to accommodate more traffic and larger planes.“Air traffic is roughly five times more than what it was three years ago,” Taylor said. “A lot of the flights landing and taking off here are related to the building and construction going on in Watford City.”...Read More >>>

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